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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Uniform Project

I came across a beautiful blog for a cause. It's called The Uniform Project. One lady pledged to wear seven dresses of similar design (one for each day of the week) for 365 days. The proceeds of her blog earnings and donations will go to an organization that sends Indian children to school.

She also accepts accessory donations and style suggestions! Go over at her website and surprise yourself :)

The Uniform Project

For frugal moms like me, this could give us inspiration to make use of what we have in our closet and just spice it up with accessories!

But for our kids who usually outgrows their dresses, it's wise to spend less but make sure the quality is also good because your younger kids might still be able to reuse it.
This is precisely why EliteDresses aims to provide you with affordable yet good quality dresses.

Happy Shopping!

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