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Monday, August 3, 2009

When it was your time to shine.....

Can you still recall the first time you became a flower girl? Can you still picture out the flower girl dress you wore? Was it hideous or pretty?

Personally, I was too young to remember but my Mom kept photos of those times I was the "belle of the ball". The flower girl dress I wore was not hideous at all, in fact I think the style is actually coming back. I was wearing white organza satin sleeveless flower girl dress with gold sash on the waist (which kinda looks like the one in the link sans the lace but instead with gold sash). My flower girl basket was lined with the same color as my sash plus a headband of the same color. The effect was pretty neat and cute. Maybe you can do the same on your wedding day? White and Gold is a nice motif. The gold color could signify abundance and white could signify your pure love for each other...see, isn't it cute? :)

I wish I could scan the picture and share it with you guys but I think this old photo needs restoration before you can actually appreciate it.

Anyway, why don't you send in your daughters' flower girl photo and share it with us instead?

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