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Thursday, October 22, 2009


Has anyone been married on Halloween? Is there a known urban legend or anything at all that says getting married on a Halloween is pure bad luck?

Wouldn't it be nice to be married and your guests are in their favorite Halloween costumes? And then there will be lots of cool games to think of! It'll be the fun and unique.

You can even set a Halloween themed wedding and make a spooktacular title :)
Your cake could be shaped like Jack-o-lantern.

You can choose spooky Halloween themes or just a mild touch of Halloween.
For centerpieces, you can buy cheap pumpkins from farmers who wouldn't need them anymore. Use white and orange flowers too! As for the flower girl dresses, you can choose black as the color and orange for the bride's maids.

And make the coolest Halloween wedding invitations too! :)

Having a Halloween themed wedding isn't making a joke out of the sacred celebration but instead, making it fun and memorable. What's important is both sides agree upon the theme and are all for it.

Plan a great wedding for yourselves and not for others!

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