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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Turn Your Princess into a Princess this Halloween

One of the nice things about getting your little girl a nice formal dress for any occassion is that the dress can double as a costume for halloween!

Princess costumes require that you get out that nice dress, get some affordable princess accessories at the toy store and watch your daughter have fun trying out the complete set.

Some accessories you can add from the toy store:

A little tiara is always cute.
A scepter can be substituted for toy decorative sticks that come with batteries.
Some toy stores have royalty capes.

Hmm, maybe add some nice gloves from the dress section.

If you like making crafts and want to have more fun with your daughter before halloween, why not make a crown and scepter? It'll be more fun, plus if you already have spare materials in the house, more practical.

Set aside an afternoon, gather some cardboard, glue, sequins, beads lying around the house. Make a snack beforehand and call your daughter and make her choose what design she'll want for a crown and scepter. Maybe it'll be nice to draw a draft on paper first and see what she thinks about the design. Agreeing on the design will let you save on materials and your daughter will appreciate that you value her opinion.

On halloween day, fix her hair into a nice formal coiffure, have a little silly coronation rite, hand her her treat bag and see her off to have a fun trick or treat :-)

PS. If your daughter doesn't have a formal dress in the closet to double as a princess costume, it can work both ways. You can get a girls' formal dress now to use for halloween, then store it for the next birthday, school event or family wedding.

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