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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Shopping Tips- Part 2

Here are some more Christmas shopping tips for Moms:

Leave your husbands at home. Well, this one’s debatable. But in my experience, it’s better to go shopping alone. Men can’t stand long hours in the mall. Shopping is excruciating for them.

Make sure you’ve already had something to eat. This helps you focus on the task at hand.

Wear flat shoes or slippers. You don't wanna sore your feet after all the walking, running, strolling...

Don’t buy on impulse! You have to be in control while you’re in the mall.

Choose quality stores. You want to get durable gifts. Don’t compromise quality.

Do consider malls that are within easy driving distance. A two-hour drive is so not worth the sacrifice!

Consider gifts that will outlive the season. Go for gifts that are educational. Books are a great way to spur any child’s imagination.

Get practical gifts like girl holiday dresses and girls Chinese dresses. Your daughter can surely wear them for the year-end party and the coming Chinese New Year.

Christmas is almost here again…
Happy Holidays! Happy shopping!

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