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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How to Moisturize Kid's Face

It's getting colder because of the season and it's just right that the little ones get the same moisturizing as adults do. Their skin tends to dry as much as ours do especially if you're located on the snowy parts of the world.

As it is just right to seek the pedia's recommendation as what brands to use, I would like to share few tips I learned from friends and from my own experience.

For babies, it's advisable to use gentle moisturizers such as Cetaphil. What I did was put a drop of Cetaphil on a wet cotton ball and dab it on my baby's skin (it's actually okay to leave it there, no need to rinse it). For the body I used Cetaphil lotion and it worked great!

When my daughter grew a bit older, I started using moisturizing lotion such as Vaseline, Mustela, and so on. But the best I used so far was Mustela's Cold Cream which worked well with cold, windy weather.

For really bad conditions, Aquaphor might do the trick but make sure you use as little amount as possible and gently dab it on the area.

There, I hope you learned a thing or two. Remember that great skin is important and not to mention, the girls will look good wearing their girl's holiday dresses when they have clear, healthy looking skin!

So Moms, it's never bad to start the kids early on moisturizers! :)

Happy Holidays!

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