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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Chinese New Year Dinner, anyone?

I've been telling my neighbors that when they hear fireworks and loud drum music, the Chinese New Year celebration has begun. But I think I forgot to tell them they just have to use their noses.
Usually, the air will be filled with sweet smelling dishes--and that marks the beginning of a bountiful year ahead.

Chinese love to eat especially on special occasions such as Chinese New Year. Being full is associated with abundance and wealth. Families show affection by eating together, sharing a hearty meal.
And my family is no different. That's why I would like to share some meals I will be preparing for our Chinese New Year family dinner.

I will be cooking Orange Chicken. Did you know that chicken and fish are popular dishes during Chinese New Year because they symbolize happiness and prosperity (especially when served whole). Oranges are considered the symbol of wealth and good fortune because oranges are abundant in China.

I'm still thinking which fish recipe I will be cooking so I'll leave it at that.

Remember I told you I cook non-Chinese food too and that would be Oysters Rockefeller. I think it's appropriate because oysters symbolize good business. And boy, do I need that!

The all time favorite siomais and dumplings, Chinese noodles and Chinese Yang Chow will be served too.

For dessert, I think I'll bring home Chinese fortune cookies and bake my own Chinese New Year goodies--- daughter will be helping me out with this one!

Everyone will be wearing their best Chinese Dresses and I would love to post after celebration photos but let me convince my husband and daughter to pose for you.

photo courtesy of andiesummerkiss.wordpress.com

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