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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Chinese New Year Parade

What’s the difference between New Year’s Day and Chinese New Year? Well, not much except for the fact that Chinese New Year falls on different dates each year and that it happens to be just a little bit more spectacular and elaborate :-)

As you know, Chinese communities around the world will soon celebrate Chinese New Year with festivals and parades. The Chinese New Year Parade is perhaps the largest annual public display of Chinese heritage. And nowhere else outside Asia is this more visible than in San Francisco’s Chinatown. FYI, San Francisco's is the oldest American Chinatown!

Truth is, the Chinese New Year Parade means something to me. I think it’s a grand way to show non-Chinese communities how rich our culture truly is. I also see it as an opportunity to strengthen bonds with friends and family, especially with my daughter. Well, it’s one of those celebrations where I’m so proud to share my Chinese heritage with her.

Just like me, she too loves traditional Chinese entertainment. That’s why I like taking her and the rest of the family to Chinatown to watch the Chinese New Year Parade. We love going there to catch all the sights and sounds. Stalls on the streets, acrobats on stilts, elementary students in colorful costumes (we especially love to see girls in Cheungsams!!) Chinese-themed floats, the newly crowned Miss Chinatown and the dragon dance all make my daughter and the rest of my family very happy to be there!

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