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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Chinese New Year Events in Your Area

It’s only natural for us moms to get a little stressed during holidays. That’s because we’re more than just moms. We are a lot of things. Aside from being moms, we also happen to be the family’s household manager, executive chef, and EVENT PLANNER --all in one beautiful package!

Now with Chinese New Year being less than two weeks away, I’m sure some of us already made plans, because for the whole family to simply stay home during the Chinese New Year celebration would seem passe when there are Lion Dances, elaborate floats, fun parades, and special Chinese programs for everyone to enjoy, right?

Now if that doesn’t sound anything like what you had in mind, better start looking for Chinese New Year events in your area.

So start shopping for new clothes for the whole family. A new red coat for you, a tiger shirt for dad, girls Chinese dress and kung fu costumes for your kids and you’ll be ready to party!

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