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Friday, February 5, 2010

Face Painting for Chinese New Year

If your family’s attending a Chinese New Year party or hosting one this month, make sure to get your daughter a nice girls chinese dress to wear. And just to make things even more fun for her, why not try face painting!

Not an artist? No problem. Face painting is not just for talented artists. Anyone can do it—especially you! Moms can learn face painting quickly. It’s just like doing a full make up but using water-based face paints instead. If you start practicing in your spare time, you will be ready to paint your daughter’s face for Chinese New Year! Get a couple of face-painting ideas today and try them on your daughter. Have fun!

Here are some tips for face painting:

  • Choose a brand that is non-toxic, highly tested, and safe for skin. They should be easy to wash off. Using non-FDA approved paints can cause allergic reactions to the skin.

  • Use sponges to fill up large areas of the face. Use small fine pointed brushes for more detailed work.

  • Always use a clean sponge, a supply of clean water, and lots of tissue!

  • Apply light colors first and allow paint to dry first before applying another coat or layer.

  • Better not do of a full face on younger kids. It’s best to work faster on them, so they don’t get bored or irritated.

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