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Friday, March 5, 2010

World Book Day

Hi guys! thought you should know yesterday was World Book Day. Good to know that literature still matters despite, you know, how all the gadgets, super nice phones, and the internet keep us busy and change the way we spend our leisure time. Well, most books are still cool and have scholarly value. So the next time you wanna gift someone something educational, try giving a book :-)

Oh, in case you wanna do that right now or if you know anyone who might be into reading Chinese books, please visit Childbook.com, they're having a Happy Panda Sale. Nope, they're not selling pandas, just cool books :-) You might wanna check that out.
And speaking of cute pandas, here's something cool to watch with your kids. I love the panda in pink--I think she'd look super cute in one of our girls Easter dresses. Really.

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