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Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Communion Resources

If your daughter is a First Communion candidate, then you must be just as excited as she is. You know how excited little girls get whenever they wear gorgeous dresses! You might picture her in an elegant First Communion dress together with the other children waiting to approach the Eucharistic table. They all look like little angels (minus the wings and the halos) looking very well put together for their First Communion :-)

As moms, we know that many preparations lead up to First Communion; that it's not all about shopping for affordable yet elegant First Communion dresses, finding the right hairstyle for your daughter to complete the look, or planning the party to mark the special event. Getting our daughters spiritually ready for the important religious ceremony is very important too. Don't you agree?

I think it would be great to find out what the Bible says about First Communion. You never know when your daughter will ask questions about your family's faith, right? Well, here are some nice First Communion Articles and First Communion Books and Stories you can share to your daughter. I hope you find them useful :-)

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