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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The C's you need to learn when buying Wedding ring or Engagement ring


Usually men undergo the tedious task of buying the perfect engagement ring alone. But what do men know about diamonds when the ladies are the diamond's best friend? 

So guys don't panic. When buying a diamond ring, you must understand that two diamonds might look a like but in fact are different in quality. To be able to understand these differences, know the four C's - color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Color and Clarity tells what nature has done to the stones. Cut and Carat weight tells what men did to the stones. Let's break it down to make it simple, shall we?


Diamonds come in so many colors but the most valued because of it's rarity is the colorless diamond. The color difference of the colorless diamond to another is very subtle especially to the untrained eye. Keep in mind that the increasing shade of yellow reduces the value of the diamond but not necessarily it's beauty. Most of the time, if a diamond is well cut, its refraction and dispersion of light will often disguise certain degrees of coloration


Clarity is the first thing to look for when buying a diamond, this is when the trained buyers ask for magnification on the diamond. The clarity is determined by the presence or absence of flaws (that are usually invisible to the naked eye) known as inclusions. These inclusions can only be viewed and checked through powerful magnification. The fewer or smaller the inclusions, the higher is the quality and thus the price of the diamond. Although inclusions do not generally affect the beauty of the diamond because it's not visible to the naked eye.


Of all the variables in determining the quality and price of the diamond, the cut is the most crucial. Most people confuse cut with shape of the diamond. Diamond are actually cut into a number of shapes (depending on the nature of the rough stone)-- the most popular of which are round, oval, pearl, heart, princess, marquise, etc. Each diamond gets the brilliancy and scintillation by cutting and polishing the diamond facets to allow the maximum amount of light that enters throught it and reflected back through its top.

Carat weight

A diamond's weight is measured through carats. One carat is divided into 100 points which is 200 milligrams of actual weight. So a diamond of 75 points, for example weighs .75 carats.

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