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Monday, July 5, 2010

What's the best and worst dress you've ever worn when you were a kid?

Judging from my old photos, I say I've worn the horrible dresses plenty of times. Most of those dresses are either plain or ugly but I'm sure my Mother made me wear it. But when I was finally becoming aware of fashion and I have built my own sense of style, I learned to dress properly and nicely. Later I learned the different fabrics when my daughter was born. I was really keen on the fabrics that touch her delicate skin. I didn't want her to be uncomfortable and itchy. I tried hard to dress my daughter nicely too- I didn't want her looking at her old photos and cringe when she grows up.

Now that she's a teenager and has her personal style, I try to be as liberal as possible on her choices. It's not easy but she has to learn. But I step in when it's really inappropriate and this is where the hard part begins. Conflict of fashion sense between a Mother and a child is not unusual but as much as possible I want to avoid it. That's why at Elite Dresses I make sure that the dresses I sell are appropriate, suitable for children, comfortable and Mom-friendly too. I want the children to wear Elite Dresses with a smile on their faces not tears or frowns.

So far, I think my goal's being achieved and I strive more to do more and give more.


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