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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Share the Goodness You Find at Elite Dresses

Sharing the great bargains, great dress you find at Elite Dresses is now easier!
We've put a share button on the upper portion of the product page as well as on the lowest portion (so you don't have to scroll up)

The share button is strategically located below the Product photo as seen at the screen shot below (see red arrow) Please click the screen shot to view larger photo

Click the share button and different social media sites will be available to you as seen on the screenshot below
You can search for the social media site of your choice at the search bar as seen on the screen shot and share the Elite Dresses page to your friends and family!

If you are a twitter addict like me, you can simply click Tweeted button or Like button for Facebook! Simple and easy!

This is so much fun! And I hope you find the sharing buttons convenient too.


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