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Monday, November 22, 2010

3-day Checklist Before Thanksgiving Day

I hope this simple 3-day checklist will help your Thanksgiving celebration a success:

Take your turkey out of the freezer (if it's frozen).

 *In every 5 pounds of turkey you need 24 hours to defrost it so that means a 15-pound turkey will take three full days. 
If you're planning to use a fresh turkey, buy one three days before Thanksgiving and put in the fridge until it's time to cook it.
Tip:  If you're running late, you can defrost the bird faster in a sinkful of cold water, allowing about half an hour for each pound of turkey and changing the water occasionally. (It will still take 7 1/2 hours for that 15-pounder, so do it after work on Wednesday, then refrigerate it.)

Time to do final shopping!

Plot your cooking schedule for Thanksgiving Day.
Take out utensils and other decors for the Thanksgiving table
Tip: If your guests are coming for a 6 PM dinner, write down your schedule by counting backwards.Plot what time food goes into the oven and when dishes will be reheated.


Prepare the Thanksgiving table

Clear out the coat closet for guest coats.

Clean the guest bathroom and restock toiletries

Decide on a table centerpiece.
Tip: Flowers or collections of candles work well. Line votive candles down the center so the entire table is aglow. Since it's fall, you could also try an arrangement of seasonal fruits and vegetables. Place pumpkins, gourds and wheat around the house for decorative touches.
Prepare yourself and the kids, too.
Tip: Today's a good day to decide what to wear and to mentally take yourself through Thanksgiving Day. Don't worry about potential mishaps. Remember that the important thing is that family and friends are together.
Are the girls' Thanksgiving dresses ready?
Prepare and refrigerate moist ingredients for the stuffing.
Tip: Store dry ingredients in a separate container. Thaw pie dough and bake the pie. Set your beautiful table with elegant folded napkins.


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