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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Moms, Would You Buy Your Daughter a $1,600 Princess Dress?

Yes, apparently there's a store that customizes a princess dress complete with "other" accessories that would cost at least $1, 600!

Read this entry.

So, would you buy a $1,600 princess dress?

Personally I would not, FOR SO MANY OBVIOUS REASONS.

1. I can buy the same quality princess dress for a fraction of its cost.

2. $1, 600 for a dress that she will outgrow in a few months and most likely forget about it.

3. I can make her feel like a real princess in so many other ways than just buying her an over priced dress

4. There are many who suffer from hunger because they lack money to feed their family. I would rather donate that to a family to have something to share together during Christmas.

and so on.

Speaking of which you can avail of a princess dress at Elite Dresses and it's NOT EVEN CLOSE to $1, 600 even if you buy a princess dress for 5 more kids!

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