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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thanksgiving and Family Tradition

Thanksgiving is days away and Moms are super busy planning for the occasion. It's always nice to have the best Thanksgiving celebration because it's a time where families get together and share blessings and good food. 

I would really be interested to hear your Thanksgiving family tradition

I know Thanksgiving has always been about cooking food and sharing it with the rest of the family but most of the time's spent on too much eating that some of us fails to catch up with the other family members. I suggest jazz up your Thanksgiving party this year! Plan a simple game or entertainment. Have games for the kids and for adults too! Or better yet, make a family contest. Be as creative as you can and have fun this Thanksgiving day.

With all these games and running around, make sure your little darling is wearing only the most comfortable but stylish Thanksgiving dress.


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