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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tips on Choosing the Best Flower girl Dress for Your Wedding

Use variety of colors on your wedding theme, it is gaining popularity worldwide especially in the wedding scene. Today, brides want their wedding to be stylish, elegant and confident. They want to splash color everywhere! A great way to add color to your wedding is to make flower girl dresses the same style but different colors. Sounds easy, but it could turnout differently, if the colors are not well thought out. If done correctly, flower girls, wearing dresses with different colors can add to the glamor of the wedding photos and wedding videos especially if the weather outside is bright and lively. The key here is to combine the colors that complement each other. 

Here are some tips on choosing the right color combinations for your flower girl dresses:

Mix and match colors depending on the season of your wedding. winter weddings could be lilac, mauve and dusty rose, inspired by the loneliness of winter. Spring weddings could have cool colors of the ocean like turquoise, orange and white or get inspiration from the patch of sunlight, with light yellow (Aurora), Bright Blue (Amparo) and Champagne (Pink Champagne). Weddings Summer or fall can have corals, Burgundy and white. Neutral colors like brown, orange and gray would be good also for weddings during fall. Indeed, combination of colors you choose for your wedding is no one else's decision but yours. It's your special day, and only you can decide what colors speak more about you and your husband.


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