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Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Photos

Does your family have a Christmas photoshoot every year? I'd love to have that tradition but my daughter has outgrown the idea of us three posting for a Christmas card.

I just adore receiving Christmas cards with your family photos in it! Makes the card more special and meaningful. But the question  I guess is how do you prepare for your Christmas photoshoot?
Do you buy everyone a new dress and color coordinate them? Perhaps a theme for the Christmas card as well?

I remember receiving a card from a family friend and their theme was Hollywood Christmas! It was really nice and fun I'm sure!

My next question would be, when do you do your Christmas photoshoot? 2 months before Christmas or later?

But I guess the best thing about Christmas photoshoots are dressing up. You don't have to spend on expensive dress to look presentable. EliteDresses.com offers your little princesses the most affordable girls holiday dresses online.


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