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Monday, January 17, 2011

Shop For A First Communion Dress Without A Hitch

It's always a good idea to shop for your child's First Communion Dress way ahead of time to avoid frustration, tantrums brought by uncomfortable dress, and anxiety. 
These helpful tips might help you: 

Check with your parish's First Communion dress requirements and suggestions. Be in the know what your parish allows re: cut of the First Communion dress, length of the First Communion dress, etc. and also know what the usual First Communion dresses are worn in the past. 

As I've said, shop early. The usual ideal months would be later part of December to entire month of January. Leave a lot of time for your order to be delivered as well. When shopping for the dress, tag your child along and ask for her opinion about it. Make sure you both approve of the cut and design. For age-appropriate First Communion dresses check out EliteDresses' collection (click here).

Let the child wear the First Communion dress and make necessary adjustments on the First Communion dress once you receive it.

Some parents want their child photographed with their First Communion dress, I suggest to do it prior to the First Communion day itself right after the alterations were made on the dress. 

Lastly, sit and discuss with your child what First Communion is about. Ask her what she expects and what she does not. Ask and answer what she understands about First Communion and what she does not.


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