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Thursday, March 31, 2011

e-Checks (PayPal)

We don't accept checks usually because they are a headache.  Unfortunately, when a customer orders through PayPal, its possible to do an e-Check.

My wife has heard the most amazing stories from when we did accept checks on why we have not received a check.  Lots of promises and often, the promised check never arrived. 

In order to keep our life simple  we prefer:
  • Order Received, paid, ship ASAP 
Instead of:
  • Get order, payment is a check, remind person to send us the check, check not received so we send a reminder, keeping order in limbo until either check is received, or we cancel the order.
Which is why we stopped accepting checks.  Simple is good.

But if you accept PayPal, you can't block e-checks

Here is the note PayPal sends when a person uses an eCheck.

If the person does
XYZ (something@some e-mail.com ) has sent you an eCheck payment of $ XX USD.
It usually takes about 3-5 days for you to receive the money (estimated: date range). We recommend that you wait until the money arrives before shipping items. We'll email you when this eCheck payment has been deposited into your accoutnt.

Which is a challenge.  If a person adds a credit card to their PayPal, the payment is instant and avoids the delay.

Soon as the eCheck clears we send out the order to avoid the check bouncing.

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