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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Prank Chat Call

I got another prank chat today.

A kid from the UK.

I have had two others if I remember correctly.  I remember a total of 3 over the three years I have had the Chat software installed.

A bit annoying and I feel a bit sad that a person needs to do this to get attention.  And it can be a form of harassment, which is not fair to an employee answering the chat.  Especially if the employee is female.

My solution has been I point out I can tell what country they are contacting me from.  And that my chat software does log their comments as well as record their IP addresses, so if I get very motivated I can figure out how to complain to their Internet Provider.  That stops it usually.  Another time I just logged off the chat software for the day.

99% of chat requests from customers are productive and help the customer.  It's unfortunate there are the other 1%.


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