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Monday, June 6, 2011

Of Jeggings, Pajama Jeans and Junderpants!

First I heard of jeggings- one that has the look of a jeans but the comfort of a leggings. Then recently I heard about jorts which are short leggings. My daughter has been wearing leggings to pair with her short dresses and long blouses. I even see some of my friends wear them but jorts I have not seen anyone I know sporting it. 
And so I also heard about pajama jeans which I have not seen much more worn. But by the sound of it, I feel like it's very comfortable and I'm curious. What I really can't take is the junderpants. Apparently a junderpants is a term coined to call an underpants that looks like a jeans. It's like one of those jeans diapers from Huggies! 

It's cute when babies wear them but for adults, I don't think so! 
How about you, what do you think?


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