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Friday, June 17, 2011

Our Daughter's Dresses Is Another Story

When she was a baby you could not wait to put her on her first pink dress that you've scrutinized over and out. You could not wait to celebrate occasions so you can let her wear her cute baby dresses with matching headband on her bald head. And then when she learned to walk, it was another set of dresses you wanted for her. You shopped and let her wear different kinds- there were a lot to choose from! Frilly girls party dresses to sequined and floral ones.

Suddenly, it was her who chose her dresses. She learned to twirl and prance with her dress. She wanted to be a princess and would not take off her princess dress. Then after a few days, it was ballerina and her tutu dress! 
Looking at my daughter's dresses I realize how much she's grown and how much changes we all had. I collected her now all too short and worn out dresses and decided to hand it to someone who could use it more. But among all the dresses worn by little girls as they grow, some tend to be more memorable than others and so I kept just a few which I knew one day I will be able to take it out and show her and tell her the stories behind it.

How about you what are the stories behind your little girl's dresses?


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