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Friday, June 10, 2011

Tips On Making Children Behave on Weddings

Disclaimer: I'm no expert on child behavior but these tips are from my own experiences and observations. 

A wedding is never complete without flower girls and ring bearers but it's not always a breeze to keep them for too long during the ceremony. Here's what I suggest that you do in dealing with children on weddings:

1. Bring them on rehearsals and make sure they know their roles. There are books for flower girls and ring bearers that you can buy and give in advance so the children will have a grasp of what they need to do. 

2. Make sure they are familiar with holding a basket and walking the aisle while throwing petals. Sometimes the kid freezes and will forget about the petals. 

3. Prepare the children right before the ceremony. Bring them to the potty and feed them. You don't want fussy children because they're hungry, thirsty or want to pee. 

4. Bring with you a non-messy snack for all the children to share. Bring water bottles too. 

5. Make sure the children had their nap or if it's a morning wedding, make sure they had a good night sleep. 

6. Bring emergency kits (yes, Moms usually carry unfashionable bag) because someone might need few stitches on the hem or the strap of the flower girl dress came off. It pays to be ready. 

7. Assign someone to stay at the front most aisle to encourage the kids to walk and not lose their focus. It's nice to have a familiar face for the kids to focus on specially during tense situations.

8. Encourage your child, explain the importance of his/her role and why he needed to behave because everyone is counting on it. Promise a nice treat if you like :) 

9. Bring extra clothes for the kid. It's possible that the ceremony took so long that the child feels itchy and warm with her flower girl dress. To avoid this you might want to change her to a more comfortable party dress for the reception. This is why it is very important to use high quality fabrics on your flower girl dresses because you don't want a whining child because she's not comfortable with what she's wearing.

10. Lastly, enjoy the wedding. Your child is a flower girl or a ring bearer for a time and when he grows up you'll surely miss those moments. A child is a child. You'll never  know what will happen when you're with them. 


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