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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wishlist and Registry

I received an inquiry the other day about the wishlist function. Her lovely daughter is celebrating her 7th birthday and she wants to have a registry list wherein friends will know which girls party dresses from Elitedresses her daughter want the most.

So for everyone's information I'm sharing the Add to Wishlist and Add to Registry functions:

- use this if you don't want others to see the list. This will be recorded on your account for your future reference. Example today you bought a nice flower girl dress from us and you spotted a cute party dress but unfortunately the little girl won't need, all you have to do is click on the ADD TO WISHLIST button and the information will be saved on your account. After a few weeks (or months!) your little girl is in need of a party dress and remembering the one you found from Elitedresses, you came back and viola! it's stored on your account :) 

- now this one, you need to have an account at Wishpot.com. It's a 3rd party site wherein all of your wishes (from all over the internet) will be stored. When you click on one (or more!) of our dresses, a link together with all the information you need will be available for viewing (publicly) at your wishpot account. You can share your LINK at wishpot.com with your friends and when they decide to buy one of your wishes, they simply click on the link and they will be brought to the website of that specific product! 

Brose through our Girls Party dresses category or Flower girl dresses category and click away! 

How cool is that? 

So now that you know these awesome functions, I hope you'll be able to find good use with them!

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