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Monday, August 15, 2011

Subject Lines - Please use them

Subject Lines help me respond quicker to E-Mails, and also make it so your E-Mail does not get sent to the Spam folder.  I often get E-Mails with blank subject lines.

Or the customer just hits respond to an E-Mail of their order confirmation and the subject line is not changed.  And since I get a copy of the order confirmation E-Mails, sometimes I accidentally file the E-Mail instead of replying to it.

And sometimes I reply to an E-Mail, and the receiver does not get it!  The headache is Spam E-Mails are 72.9% of all E-Mails (used to be 90%).  The reason most users don't see this is the effectiveness of Spam filtering.  The headache is sometimes SPAM filtering also filters good E-Mails.

Our goal at EliteDresses is providing great customer service, and subjects lines do help!



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