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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Flower Girl Tips and Ideas

Hi guys! I'm posting here one of the articles that we have for flower girl dress.

If your little girl has been chosen to be a flower girl in a wedding party, there are some things you should discuss with her before the actual day of the wedding ceremony regarding her responsibilities and the behavior you expect from her. Little children can be quite unpredictable at times, so you must not assume that talking to her only once about her responsibilities is going to "cut the cake." Remind her of things periodically as the wedding draws closer. Kids thrive on repetition. Here are some more tips for the flower girl.
The Proper Attire
Flower girls have a way of being the center of attention. With their adorable flower girl dresses and fancy hairdos, it is no wonder that they steal the show. While the bride will more than likely want the flower girl's dress to look much like what the bridesmaids are wearing, it is important to remember that dressing her comfortably is important. If she feels comfortable in her outfit, she may be less likely to become fussy or irritable. Flat and flexible shoes are a good choice as well.
Save the Sweets for Later
It is best not to let a young child have candy or chocolate a few hours before the wedding ceremony. Sugar tends to get some kids hyped up, and while you want the flower girl to be bubbly and cheerful, you do not want her bouncing down the aisle in a disorderly fashion. Let her finish her responsibilities as the flower girl, and then have some sweets at the reception. This is the time that she can dance and romp to work off any extra energy sugar has on her.
Other Means of Calmness
Little children can get restless when they are waiting to do something fun. Avoid playing games with the flower girl in the back room before the wedding ceremony that would cause her to become excited. Try letting her play games such as hangman or simple card games. These activities will keep her calm. You might even try reading her a story or talking to her about how the newlyweds met and where they are going on their honeymoon.

Show Your Appreciation
A flower girl should be commended for her carrying out her responsibilities. Treat your daughter to a special treat, such as a special toy she has wanted, taking her out to dinner on evening, or some other unique way you can help her remember how well she did in the wedding party. A bracelet or necklace is also a good idea when you want to make the flower girl feel extra appreciated.
Being a flower girl is a great honor, and one that many little girls do not realize is so special. Years after the wedding she will see herself in the photos and hardly remember what it was like to be part of such a wonderful event. The bride and groom will remember it forever, so try your best to make this day special by doing what you can to help your daughter fulfill her responsibilities gracefully.

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