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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

How not to invite guest to reception (but they're on the ceremony)

We all want people to witness our wedding ceremony, but inviting a lot of people is a problem for those who have a limited budget. And inviting people to ceremony but not on reception seems rude and might offend the guest. So it's either you invite them to both ceremony and reception or not invite them to both.

But if you really want all the people to be at the ceremony and can only accommodate a few people in the reception, think of ways to make it up to those who are not on the reception's guest list. Make you sure you inform them why you're not inviting them to the reception. Tell the that your budget is limited and can't afford to accommodate big crowds so the reception will be for close family members and bestfriends only. Have a snack time with them before going to reception, this way you get to spend at least 30 minutes with them and have a time to say thank you for their presence.

The important thing is that you acknowledge their presence, thank them, and apologize. They will understand.

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