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Thursday, November 17, 2011

D&B - another learning experience

EliteDresses now has a D&B Number!

I did not know I had one. What happened was I got a nice letter saying I had to update my info. because somebody had been requesting info.

So I called and:

D&B - For the low price of $299 we can update it since we have gotten some requests for info.
Me - No thank you (thinking, sounds like a sales pitch and I don't have any new vendors right now, hmm, may be they are overstating their case a bit on requests for info.).
D&B - Then we will just send it as is
Me - Yes
D&B - Hung Up

Hmm..  What to do now?  So I did a bit of Googling, and found this post:
Dun & Bradstreet Seems Scammy, Here Is Why

That told me about how I could update my profile for free!
With iUpdate at https://iupdate.dnb.com/iUpdate/mainlaunchpage.htm

Please note, you can't use FireFox.  I was using FireFox and it would not allow me to go to the next form, so I called D&B again, and I found out you have to use Internet Explorer and enable all pop ups.  I then changed browsers, and I then went through the form an updated it.  I also had to upload proof of when EliteDresses started, so I provided a screen capture of the whois.

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