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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Choosing the right dress

 We want a perfect girls party dress for our kid, but there's just so many styles to choose from. And they are all so pretty making it hard for us to choose the right one. 

One way of choosing the perfect dress is to consider the event. For weddings, a flower girls dress should always make our little girl look and feel like a princess so a tulle or a satin gown would work for that occasion. For birthday parties, maybe a knee length skirt that is comfortable as the kids will need to move around a lot so if the skirt is too long it might be hard for the girls to win the game.

Second, is to consider the location. Is it going to be outdoor or indoor? 

 Just keep in mind that little girls want the dresses to be comfortable, pretty and "swishy". I noticed them stopping and feeling the "swish" in their dresses :D 


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