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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

How to Choose The Right Photographer for your Wedding

Personally I would spend more on photography rather than a video on my wedding day because photos I can display on my walls and easily take out when guests come to visit. Videos are great keepsake but I have not seen friends take out videos to show to their friends or guests at home.

So here are tips to help you choose the right photographer for your wedding:

1. Quickly responds on your inquiry. When you've found your wedding photographer and inquired about their services, take note of how fast or slow they respond. It tells a lot on how the photographer operate and easily shows how professional he is.
Also choose your photographer early because you may want to prenup shoot for your save the date cards. Choosing a non-peak season will also be easy but if you can't help it, make sure you are booked and reserved early on.

2. Check photographer's portfolio. This is the best way to eliminate photographers from your list by choosing the ones you think can work with your concept or can collaborate the best concept for your wedding.

3. Read reviews. Search the photographer's name and read reviews about them to make sure you're choosing the right one. Wedding sites are very helpful on this area.

4. Discuss concept, agreement and instructions. It is important to discuss things with your photographer early on because during your wedding day, you will not be able to set them aside and have a discussion. Talk about which shots you want and how you want it, discuss about ceremony do's and don'ts because some venue or chaplains do not like photographers clicking while doing the ceremony (or at least the solemn part).

5. Sign the contract. Make sure both parties have a copy in case of unfavorable event happens. Clear the expected date of the finish product so you know when to call for follow up. I know some brides who have not gotten their photobook because the photographer failed to deliver.


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