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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Privacy Feelings

I have conversations with customers about privacy and its an area I feel strongly on.  At EliteDresses, we do our best to respect our customers privacy, and security is a big concern of mine. One great feature of the shopping cart we use, is none of our employees can see your credit card once entered! We just see the last four digits.

Things that terrify concern me:
  • Identity theft - our house was broken a year ago this week, and they got our passports and more.
  • Credit Card Fraud (I have not been a victim yet, but I have spoken with customers who are - we - EliteDresses will call when there is a suspicious transaction supposedly placed by you, and yes, unfortunately we have found some were fraudulent orders before we shipped).
  • Online Privacy, lack of - stop laughing :-) Yes, I know about super cookies and what Google, FaceBook and associates can do - you are a product, not a customer.  And the record of your activities online are what is being sold to merchants.
  • My family and personal privacy that I have control over (this is a hard balance)
  • GPS Tracking of my location via my cell phone (all phones in the US since 2006 have had this do to an FCC requirement for E911 locations, Apple uses this for the find your iPhone application, which can be used by family members, like my wife, to see where I am, which is fine with me).
 And for those who would like to be a bit more knowledgeable about privacy:

Burglary Prevention - Some tips I wrote up on making your house less likely to get robbed (I do not want to go through another robbery).

Documents point to a huge industry that provides online surveillance tools to governments and police agencies.


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