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Monday, December 19, 2011

Size Chart Improvement

 Size chart is one of the most important tool that you will need to successfully order online so we are always improving our size charts. Recently we edited our size chart graphic to show that when your measure, you need to go around the west and chest OR you can double the measurement if you just went across. 

 We also included tips on how to measure using a dress that fits well on your child. 

You can also measure your child's dress that fits her well to determine the size of your child: 

1) Lay the dress down on a flat surface, measure across the chest and waist, and double the measurements to get the exact size she'll need.

2) For the length, the best way is to hang the dress on a hanger, and measure from the outside shoulder straight down to the hem.

This is the way dress size charts are made. They give customers exact measurements, or as close as can be with variations of up to ½ inch of the measurements.

 So what do you think? Suggestions are welcome! 


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