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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Strange Chat of the Day

A chat I just had.

5:31:17 PM:  Customer:
    How reliable is your site

5:31:22 PM:
Call accepted by operator Ray. Currently in room: Ray.

I admit, the question surprised me. I was not sure how to reply so I had to think about it, which is why there was a pause.

5:32:08 PM: Ray:
    In what way?

5:32:17 PM: Ray:
    Security, uptime, real business, or ?

5:32:21 PM: Ray:
    To all those very

5:32:28 PM: Ray:
    return policy, very good

5:32:28 PM:
Customer  is now off-line and may not reply. Currently in room: Ray.

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