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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Lost phone? There's an 89% chance somebody tried to access data

It's scary how much information is on a smart phone about you. From your contacts, Facebook login, E-Mail's, etc.
A family member lost their iPhone, and it was a journey. They forgot their phone in a movie theatre and a person on their morning cleaning took it home. We actually tracked it to the apartment complex they lived at using Apple's Find My Phone application. We even called the police, but they turned off the phone so the tracking stopped working. We complained enough that the owner of the cleaning crew paid for a new phone. My opinion was he just wanted to get rid of us before we caused more problems witht the theater and him. And of course, this was the first day of work of a new employee! Who got to act as translator at the apartment complex. There are also applications that you can add to your iPhone that will take a picture of an unauthorized user. You can remotely lock your iPhone, but then the user is more likely to turn it off.

For some reason, when ever we have a really good employee start, we have some type of major emergency. I wonder if its the universe trying to keep some type of balance :-)


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