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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Cleaning

This year, I welcomed spring by deciding to do a little spring cleaning. Not only is it a good excuse to clear cutter, it affirms my New Year’s resolution of getting myself organized. 

Girl's Red Poly Dupioni Flower girl Dress
Girl's Red Poly Dupioni Flower girl Dress
List Price: $65.00 
Our Price: $44.99 
You save $20.01!  
(2 reviews)

  • Poly Dupioni fabric
  • Hand rolled flowers on the waist
  • Adjustable waist with ribbon sash tied at the back
  • Sizes available - size 2, 4, 6, 8
See the pictures! 

As I cleaned the attic expecting to find things to give away, I chanced upon a box that I decided to hand-down... to my daughter that is. I discovered an old box full of girls party dresses from when I was a little. My old birthday and Sunday dresses took me down a trip to memory lane, and then I realized how all the designs are so timeless that they still can be used today. 

Pink Girls Sequined Bodice Bubble Dress
Pink Girls Sequined Bodice Bubble Dress
List Price: $65.00 
Our Price: $39.99 
You save $25.01!  
(1 review)

  • Sequined bodice bubble dress 
  • Made of soft, comfortable satin, plus design makes dress easy to move in
  • Sizes available - size 2-14

I marveled at the dresses and fancied the thought of my daughter maybe passing them on to her own daughter. I also realize that I should do as my mother did and stock up on these beautiful pieces. My darling girl may not appreciate them today, but one day, when she is spring cleaning, she’ll be as thankful as I am now. 

Girl's beautiful lilac sleeveless formal dress
Girl's beautiful lilac sleeveless formal dress
List Price: $49.99 
Our Price: $24.99 
You save $25.00!  
(7 reviews)

  • The dress features lilac satin top and lilac chiffon skirt
  • Lilac chiffon ribbon in back to create a beautiful bow.
  • Available in girls' sizes 2 to 14 and baby sizes 
Crunching for a great yet affordable dress for your daughter? Get this! 

I finished my spring cleaning and felt in the mood for some “spring shopping”. I turn on my laptop and search for girls party dresses. Funny that instead of seeing garments, I now see the clothes as my daughter’s future treasures.

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