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Monday, April 16, 2012

Dressing Up Your Entourage Online

Ah good story from a friend of mine.

When I got engaged, I was in a bride-frenzy! I spent countless hours online researching looks that I wanted for my wedding. So much so I can claim that 90% of my wedding was inspired by what I saw on the Internet.

Rose Off Shoulder Dress With A-Line Gathered Satin Skirt
Rose Off Shoulder Dress With A-Line Gathered Satin Skirt
List Price: $75.00 
Our Price: $52.99 
You save $22.01!  
(1 review)

  • Gathered/pick up A-line satin skirt
  • With brown sash and flower on the waist
  • Available in girls' size 4-16

I found what would be the look of my wedding dress in a website that specialized in lace wedding gowns. I printed out a picture and showed it to my sewer who happily copied my dream dress. Surprisingly, I ended up doing the same for the dresses of my entourage. My bridesmaids and flower girl dresses got inspiration from pictures I found online. Back then, the price made an online purchase impossible, so I had to resort to having the dress copied. Of course they didn’t come out exactly as I had wanted, but they came close.

Girl's Purple Flower Patterned Dress
Girl's Purple Flower Patterned Dress
List Price: $80.00 
Our Price: $47.99 
You save $32.01!  
(1 review)

  • Sash in Purple and ties at the back
  • With Flower Embroidery
  • Available in sizes 2 to 12
Perfect Spring dress for your little lady!

It’s been years since I got married—ten to be exact, and online shopping has evolved so much since then. A close friend of mine is getting married and I’m helping her choose her entourage’s outfit online. We’ve purchased my Matron of Honor dress, as well as the Bridesmaids’ dresses. It was so simple. We clicked, we paid, and it was shipped to her doorstep.

Girl's  Ivory Burgundy Taffeta sleeveless dress
Girl's beautiful Ivory Taffeta sleeveless formal dress with Burgundy accents
List Price: $75.00 
Our Price: $34.99 
You save $40.01!  
(1 review)

  • Silky sheen with a burgundy belt
  • Embroidered burgundy Accents
  • Available in Baby Sizes and Girl's Sizes 2-12
Perfect for Flower Girls and other occasions where the perfect dress is needed!

As I write this post, it’s a Saturday evening, and we’re shopping for flower girl dresses with glasses of wine in hand. It’s going to be a good night, powered by retail therapy.

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