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Monday, July 2, 2012

A Red, White and Blue Wedding

With Independence Day coming up, I remember one wedding my friend and I went to. It was an all American wedding, with the wedding colors red, white and blue everywhere.

Girls Red Poly Dupioni Flower girl Dress
Girl's Red Poly Dupioni Flower girl Dress
List Price: $65.00 
Our Price: $39.99 
Sale Price: $37.99 
You save $27.01!  

  • Poly Dupioni fabric
  • Hand rolled flowers on the waist
  • Adjustable waist with ribbon sash tied at the back
  • Sizes available - size 2, 4, 6, 8
See the pictures! 

Let me recall the dresses. There were red, white and blue flower girl dresses, a beautiful white wedding gown, and much to the crowd’s delight an Uncle Sam Tuxedo for the groom. Talk about embodying the theme!
The reception was even more outrageous. This was the first wedding I’ve been to that served hamburgers, hot dogs, lemonade and soda pop. It was a break from the usual formalities of a wedding, and everyone had a great time.

Girl's Pearl Trimmed Dress with Box Pleats
Girl's Pearl Trimmed White Dress with Box Pleats
List Price: $75.00 
Our Price: $39.99 
You save $35.01!  

  • Classical elegant unique box pleated skirt
  • made with first quality bridal satin
  • All hand made pearl trim on the waist
  • Available in girls' size 2 to 14
Perfect for Miss Prim and Proper

Have you ever thought of having a Red, White and Blue wedding? You may think it's a bit outrageous, but I think it can be done with some sophistication and style.

Girls beautiful  Navy Blue sleeveless formal dress
Girl's beautiful Navy Blue sleeveless formal dress
List Price: $49.99 
Our Price: $24.99 
You save $25.00!  

  • Classic Design perfect for Flower Girls and Special Occasions
  • Navy Blue satin top and chiffon skirts.
  • Navy Blue chiffon ribbon in back to create a beautiful bow.
  • Beautiful layered effect - Two layers of skirts with Navy Blue chiffon over burgundy satin.
  • Available in sizes 2 to 12 and baby sizes

Instead of making each dress red, white, and blue, why not create a pattern of colors down the aisle? The flower girls can wear red, bridesmaids can be in blue, and the boys of the entourage can don white tuxedos. Mixing solid colors is a great way to add color, drama, and theme to the wedding aisle. And while you’re at it, play around with the bouquets. It’s going to be a lot of fun!
And how about sliders and chili for the meal? There are always fun and creative ways to serve all-time classics.
Do you have any more ideas for an all-American wedding?

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