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Monday, August 20, 2012

Baptism Dresses for Different Ages

There is no prescribed age for a child to be baptized. While most parents prefer to perform this in the first few months after birth, some parents are opting to have their children baptized a little older. I guess this depends on the parents’ preference and the religion that they practice. Usually, Roman Catholics receive the Sacrament of Baptism early on in the child’s life. But other Christian faiths are favoring older ages when a child can answer for him or herself.

Stunning Taffeta Christening Gown
Stunning Taffeta Christening Gown
List Price: $85.00 
Our Price: $61.99 
You save $23.01!  

  • Organza overlay on top of satin dress
  • With matching bonnet
  • Available baby sizes XS-XL

Puffed Sleeved Christening Gown
Puffed Sleeved Christening Gown
List Price: $85.00 
Our Price: $57.99 
You save $27.01!  

  • 3 layers of satin and organza fabric
  • hand sewn embroidery in the neckline and hemline
  • Available baby sizes S-XL and little girls age 3 to 4 years old

Baptism dresses for infants are easy to find. Traditional baptism dresses will be white or off-white. Baptism dresses are also of longer lengths since infants are not that mobile. Parents are always advised to find a comfortable dress made of cotton or linen that will allow the good circulation of air, and, generally, a happier baby.

Beautiful White Christening Dress
Beautiful White Christening Dress
List Price: $150.00 
Our Price: $64.99 
You save $85.01!  

  • Lovely Satin Dress
  • intricately embroidered organza overlay
  • embroidered image of La Virgen de Guadalupe on the dress
  • Made In USA

For older children, parents need to baptism dresses that will suit their age, style and mobility. This is why these outfits are generally of shorter lengths and easier to wear. Some parents are even using flower girl dresses for the purpose of baptism. It is important to remember that any dress can be made special when you put focus on the meaning of the ceremony, instead of the tradition.

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