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Monday, September 17, 2012

Shoes and Accessories for Your Daughter at a Wedding or Party

So you have a dress for your daughter to wear at a wedding or to a party.  And you might have a simple hairstyle and make up for her in mind. And then you remember the shoes, “Oh no, the shoes”, you say. Most of the time, we take for granted that an old pair of shoes is still in good shape. That is until you realize your daughter really needs a new pair, and by that time, it would be too late.

Getting the right pair of shoes is very important. The fit translates to comfort, and the design gives any outfit a dash of dazzle. Add to it the accents of well-planned accessories, and that’s an outfit to remember! 

When it comes to shoes and accessories, here are tips to remember:
  • Shoe Color – when wearing a formal dress, the color of the shoe is very important. Getting shoes that come close to the color of girls party dresses or flower girl dresses is best. But if you can’t find one in the same shade of the garment, wearing white shoes with very light colored dresses and black shoes with very dark colored dresses will do.
  • Subtle Heels – don’t go overboard with heels, you child might not be able to walk properly with tall heels. If you really want heels, they have to be wide so your child will not have to balance on them and no more than 1 inch in height.
  • Closed Shoes – our little ones love to run around, even in formal events. Protect their little toes by having them wear closed toed shoes.
  • Simple Accessories – simple is always the best. Stud earrings and a nice pendant necklace is all you need. Heavy jewelry on a young child can ruin a great ensemble.
So, when choosing the shoes and accessories for girls party dresses or flower girl dresses, just keep in mind these few tips. It will surely make your little girl a hit at her next event.

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