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Saturday, September 8, 2012

What Colors Say

Let’s start with the basic colors:

REDFun, exciting, I’m the center of attention
ORANGE - Happy, courageous, adventuresome, friendly, warm, informality, welcoming
YELLOW - alert, optimistic, confident, enthusiastic, playful, happy, communicative, expressive, smart
GREEN - Relaxed, compassion, efficient, harmonious
BLUE Loving and loved, trust worthy, serious and responsible, peaceful and caring
PURPLERespected and dignified

Here are other colors:

BLACK Dignified, Elegance, sophistication, mysterious
WHITE - Virtue, clean, innocent, youth
BROWN - Informal, reliable, approachable, relaxed, down to earth
AQUA – Active and motivated
PINK - Friendly, compassionate, calm
TURQUOISE - Cool, innovative imaginative
LIGHT BLUE – Affectionate, peace loving, loyal
LAVENDERImaginative and fantasy, creative
MAGENTA - Outrageous, imaginative, innovative, creative
GOLD Importance, expensive taste
SILVER Cold and unemotional
GRAY - Classy, intelligent, efficiency, sophistication, confident

Let your children choose their favorite color, it will tell you so much about them.

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