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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Safety Tips

With Halloween just a week away, I am pretty sure you got everything covered. Halloween decorations are up, Halloween candy is ready and your child’s costume is just perfect.  You and your child are all set for a night of Trick-or-treating. But hold on, don’t let your little one go out just yet.  Here are a few safety tips you will need so your child can have a safe and fun Halloween night.

  • Be sure your child’s costume is light and easy to move around in. He or she should have good and comfortable walking shoes and a sizable bag to put candy in. A comfortable trick-or-treater is a happy one.
  • Always have your child go in a group – a group of 5 kids and 1 adult (you or another parent) is ideal. If you have more than 5 children in a group, you should have another adult to assist you.
  • Always have an adult present – Be sure that either you or your spouse accompanies your child. If either of you cannot, have another adult that you trust, like a grandparent or uncle/aunt.
  • Have a planned route to follow – try as much as possible to follow a designated route, it’s better to know where you are going than to get lost.
  • Before your child enjoys their treasures, be sure to check each candy first.

Just keep these tips in mind and you will have a safe and enjoyable Halloween.

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