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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Choosing the Right Size for Your Daughter’s Dress

Online shopping is hands down the most convenient way of buying your daughter’s birthday dress, Christening dress or any other little girl’s dress for special occasions. Good as it seems, it could also be tedious as you need to be very precise with the size you get for your child.

Every store or brand has its own size chart or size guide. This is the reason why Elitedresses.com tries to have the perfect size chart for each dress. Elitedresses measures each dress and builds the closest size chart we could create. We're not perfect so little flaw here and there exists but we're fixing that and learning along the way.

Understanding the chances of mistakes from measuring, we've created a fair and easy return and exchange policy on our online store.

We also recommend that you call us in so we can measure the dress size you're eyeing while you compare it with your child's old dress measurement. 

Here's the Children's Clothes Size Chart Conversion Table that we developed and we want to get your opinion about it. It's one size chart table that you can compare sizes on from Europe, UK, Japan and Australia.

Children Size Chart Conversion Table

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