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Friday, November 9, 2012

Something Old, Something New: Christmas Décor Works Both Ways

When Halloween and Thanksgiving décors go down, it is time for Christmas decorations to go up. This is usually the time when boxes are brought out of the attic and Christmas decors are dusted off. The great thing about Christmas decorations is that the older it is, the more precious it becomes. 

Don't you agree?

Older pieces instantly become centerpieces and accents to any Holiday spread. There's a certain charm to it-- much like a dress that has been passed down from generation to generation.

One of the more popular trends in Holiday decorations today is mixing the old with the new. Don't get me wrong, old decor is perfectly fine and absolutely beautiful. But sometimes, putting a few new pieces in the equation seems to add color and accent to any household. 

For example, a friend of mine garnishes her Christmas tree with balls and ribbons that have been in the family for a long time. She bought a nice modern-looking star for the top of the tree and believe me, the mix of old and new worked like a charm!

There are many ways to mix the old with the new, but what is important is you get started! Decorating the home for Christmas is a tedious task, but well worth the effort when everything falls into place. Just think of your daughter twirling around in her many favorite Holidaydresses for girls as she revels in the holiday magic of your home. 

Simply priceless.

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