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Sunday, January 20, 2013

DIY Valentines Themed Dangling Earrings

Valentines Themed Dangling Earrings

Assembling your own jewelry saves a lot of time and money.  When you have the right tools and raw materials available, you can always create your own piece of jewelry that will match your outfit.

This week, I created a Valentines themed pair of earrings. I am not a pro on jewelry making, but I found this stuff easy to create because of there are ready-made raw materials that I found in the local craft shop, plus the tools that I already have in my own crafty-kit.


Needle nose pliers

2 Earring Hooks

2 Split Rings

2 Red heart Swarovski Crystal beads (or any red beads available in your crafty-kit)


This week’s craft is more like a mix and match project.  No more than 5 minutes to make if you have the right materials and tools.

Insert the split ring in to the small hole of the crystal bead.  Use  pliers to split the ring.

Attach the crystal bead using the same split ring into the hole at the tip of the earring hook.

You have the option to use smaller split rings, so that instead of attaching the beads to the hook with only 1 ring, you could use a smaller ring to attach the tip of the hook into the other bigger split ring.

Or directly attach the bigger ring to the tip of the hook.


A red tear shape crystal bead is a great alternative to the heart shape dangling earrings.

May be used as an accessory to match your Valentine’s party dress.

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