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Friday, February 1, 2013

Wedding Photography And the Changes Over the Years

 This post is inspired by the news article I read at NYPost  about wedding wows.

Wedding photography has indeed come a long way. It used to be very traditional and monotonous - couple picture with parents, couple picture with the groom's side of the family, etc.

Now, there's the prenup shoot, the on the day wedding shoot and on some areas trash the dress is also very popular. 

Prenup photos are used on invites, venue design, AVP presentation and so on. Most prenup shoots are themed depending on what the couple wants. I saw a couple doing an underwater prenup and then one couple who had prenup at the cemetery. 

On the wedding day itself photo shoots has also become more elaborate, more dramatic and more tedious. Wedding photographers nowadays have a certain "forte" on their photos and couples usually pick who suits them best. 

Trash the dress is done after the wedding where the bride wears a mock up wedding gown and poses on "trashy" spots like beach, side of a road, hill, etc. 

Personally, wedding photos are a gem. It can really help rekindle the fire within and will serve as a constant reminder that it marriage was a plunge you took with all eyes open and a smiling face.

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