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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

BBB LA is Kaput

I signed up for the BBB after getting a few phone calls, are you a real business? I honestly was not sure how to answer the question. Umm, yes, EliteDresses is a real business started by my wife and I, and what else do you want to know? How else can I show you I am a real business? After I put the BBB Logo on my site, the calls are you a real business stopped.

I like the trustlink reviews of what the LA BBB was doing, but that got spun off. I am still getting reviews, which are deeply appreciated! The power of BBB is you can file a complaint with them, and then a business will usually respond quickly. As a consumer I have appreciated having that tool. It was also great to be able to look at what complaints have been filed in the past, it tells you a lot about a business. With EliteDresses, we have had zero complaints.

Better Business Bureau expels Los Angeles chapter, largest in nation - LA Times

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