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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Are you a Flower Girl Parent?

Being a flower girl parent can be one of the most important roles before, during, and after the wedding ceremony. I’ve witnessed and watched some of the hilarious things kids do at weddings—from crying out loud, running on the aisle and even sleeping on the aisle! I’ve gathered up a few tips to have a happy daughter and a happy you. Read on to know how to lessen the stress of being a flower girl parent.

1.)    First, have a talk with your daughter and explain to her the details of being a flower girl. It’s important that she knows what’s expected of her throughout the ceremony.

2.)    Practice makes perfect. DO attend the rehearsal dinner with the bride and groom so that your child will know what to do and when to enter the aisle. DO a dress rehearsal with your daughter, if there’s none. When the special dress arrives, have your daughter practice walking in it. Have them practice sprinkling flowers on a mock aisle at home. Practice taking pictures of your daughter so she’ll have a feel of how it is in front of a camera and so she can practice her best smile and poses.  The more they practice, the more comfortable they’ll be when the big day arrives.

3.)    On the big day, prepare mess-free snacks and mess-free activities for your kid. With a lot of waiting around before and during the wedding, your child will probably get bored and might cause tantrums and meltdowns. Make sure you have entertainment like games on phones or iPads, books, coloring books, etc. Bring water in a spill-proof sippy cup and non-messy healthy snacks (less sugar to avoid sugar rush).

Finally, sit back, relax and hope for the best. If your child is causing trouble, just excuse yourself and go outside with your kid, she might just want a little fresh air.

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Has your child ever been in a wedding? If so, how did it go? Share your wedding experiences with your child below!


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